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Great list of tips for bird lovers from California Audubon

In honor of Earth Day, our friends at California Audubon have come up with 25 great tips for bird lovers.

  1. Put up a bird box and see who takes up residence.
  2. Leave a dead tree or snag standing on your farm or property.
  3. Keep your cat indoors.
  4. Plant native plants – bird habitat, at home.
  5. Use less plastic.
  6. Take your own bags to the supermarket.
  7. Volunteer for a beach clean-up event, or just go down there by yourself and pick up some trash.
  8. Don’t use pesticides or herbicides in your garden.
  9. Cut up plastic 6-pack soda rings.
  10. Maintain a clean bird feeder.

You can review and share more Earth Day tips at California Audubon’s website.