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Valley Ford Market & Raptor Alley

Valley Ford Market, in the rural “West County” of Sonoma is a wonderful local market in the agricultural community of Valley Ford, California. Their smoked meats, salmon and sausages are renowned and they also have a very nice little wine collection. This wine collection just got a bit nicer, as the market just became the first store  in the world to carry all of our Burning Hawk Wines. We extend our thanks and appreciation to Valley Ford Market for choosing to partner with Burning Hawk to raise awareness and funds for bird and wildlife conservation efforts.

Tyson & Stephanie with Burning Hawk red wines purchased at Valley Ford Market

Yesterday we delivered the first shipment of Burning Hawk to the market and as we were placing the wines on the shelf  Tyson and Stephanie from Chico walked by and struck up a conversation. Soon they became interested in the wines and our mission. Here is a picture of Stephanie and Tyson with their very own bottles of Burning Hawk, the Napa Valley Red ($30) and the North Coast Zin ($15). We are hopeful that they enjoyed their weekend on the coast, saw a few raptors and will someday write in to let us know their thoughts on the wines.

For those of you wildlife and raptor lovers what is also so special about the area around Valley Ford is that the birds of prey are flourishing.  On sunny days you have a great chance of spotting Turkey Vultures, Hawks, Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons and many other species. Our friend the great photographer Nick Dunlop spends a great deal of time out in this area and if you visit his website you can get a glimpse of the birds that inhabit the area. FYI: just over the hill in the towns of Bodega and Bodega Bay is where good old Alfred Hitchcock filmed “The Birds”.

For those of you who enjoy kayaking and boating there is the Estero Americano , Tomales Bay and Bodega Bay, all great locations for water activities as well as bird watching. All of these locations  offer breathtaking scenery and the perfect environment for adventures with your friends, family and loved ones.    For those of you looking for birdwatching resources and guidance you can spend some time on the website of the Madrone Audubon Society.

We offer our thanks to Valley Ford Market as well as Tyson and Stephanie for being customers of Burning Hawk Wines and hope you will someday choose to spend some time out in Valley Ford and the surrounding areas.