The Hungry Owl Gets Thirsty!

From April 17th to May 29th, please team up with Burning Hawk Wines to support the Hungry Owl Project!

The Hungry Owl ProjectSince the early days of the Burning Hawk wine initiative we have developed a great deal of respect for The Hungry Owl Project and their work to protect birds of prey and other avian friends by showing people that these birds can be effective pest control partners.

Based in San Anselmo and working under the auspices of Wildcare, the Hungry Owl Project team is on a mission to:

“…reduce the need for harmful pesticides & rodenticides by encouraging natural predators, through conservation of habitat, erecting nest boxes when appropriate, through research & education, and by providing a resource of help and information on alternative methods of sustainable pest management.”

Please take some time to completely read the HOP website at www.hungryowl.org. It is such an inspiring and educational experience.

Like our farmers and winemakers at Windsor Vineyards and Burning Hawk, The HOP team knows the value of having birds of prey and avian predators in our communities and agricultural landscapes. Predatory birds such as owls, hawks, falcons and even blue birds eat the same insects and rodents that cause problems for farmers, grape growers and land managers. To eradicate these pests, many farmers have for decades developed the habit of using costly, and many times toxic, pesticides, herbicides and rodenticides. But in many cases there are more natural alternatives that do just as good of a job and also deliver additional benefits. If we welcome back birds of prey into our landscapes as part of our overall Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs we can help boost their populations, expand their habitat and bring them onto our team as partners in pest control. Air and water quality will be improved for our neighborhoods and communities and at the end of the day farmers and land managers might be able to save a bit of money too!

The Hungry Owl Project is growing as a restorative force to be reckoned with here in our community. We are glad to team up with HOP and lend a hand as have so many others.

So in addition to directly supporting and funding their work, for the next 6 weeks you can also purchase Burning Hawk wines with the knowledge that 10% of your purchase will fund The Hungry Owl Project.


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