Triple Pundit, Bird of Mouth & The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program Vino Enjoyment Challenge

Today we sent out the March eNewsletter for Burning Hawk in which we share important and exciting information, including the announcement of a month-long initiative to raise awareness and funds for the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program.  This initiative “left the nest” last night in Fort Collins, Colorado at the Lincoln Center where the live auction of 6 bottles of inaugural Burning Hawk wines raised $600! Our partners in this contribution were Rick Harness and colleagues at EDM International!

And until March 31st at Midnight 10% of your total net purchase will fund this amazing little avian organizational train that could. So all aboard for the RMRP! (Note: just a few minutes ago, Jacqueline and Will Smith stepped up to the plate (or palate) and placed  the first order!  Thank you, the RMRP thanks you and enjoy the vino!)

Below are links to this month’s newsletter plus one more from The Triple Pundit that you do not want to miss. 

ONE MORE THING…Finally, this bit of  hot-off-the-press cause marketing journalism isn’t in the eNewsletter but we had the great honor of being interviewed this past week by Gennefer Snowfield from The Triple Pundit. This was a great opportunity to reflect on all that’s happened in just a few months since the unfortunate incident “Burning Hawk Starts Vineyard Fire” ignited our imagination and sparked this effort. Please read Burning Hawk Wines: A Cause That Inspired A Brand.

Please help spread the word. Hawk on!


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