Eagle Rock by Ross Wilson & Daddy Cool

Every philanthropic wine project needs a rock song to help set the pace. Today we’d like to introduce you to our adopted anthem, Eagle Rock by Daddy Cool, which in May 1971 rocketed to the top of the Austrailian singles charts.

Discovered on a compliation album in my wife’s record collection on May 27th, I’ve since played Eagle Rock by Daddy Cool hundreds of times. Quite simply, it is the most rocking, raptor-influenced track in the history of rock n’roll. And it has kept us grooving, inspired and focused on making a difference! It’s our own version of the “Rocky” theme song.

Daddy Cool’s lead singer Ross Wilson keeps rocking and pumping out an amazing array of musical artistry. Check out Daddy Cool’s website , their myspace page or Ross’ website

One of the coolest things is that a few weeks ago Ross heard about the Burning Hawk project, donated a copy of his CD to the project team, and wrote the following:

“It’s great that the song I wrote and recorded 1971 is being used to inspire such a worthy project…We have also been very supportive of a raptor survival campaign here in Austrailia…BTW I LOVE wine which is one more reason I am sympathetic to you cause. Coolest, Ross”

Australia Post stamp commerating "Eagle Rock

Australia Post stamp commerating


2 Responses to “Eagle Rock by Ross Wilson & Daddy Cool”

  1. 1 Mark Meyer
    October 28, 2008 at 12:10 am

    I have been a Ross Wilson fan since the days when Eagle Rock was an OZ hit. Briefly, a good friend moved to Australia back in ’71, and sent a back a lot of great, but unknown in the USA rock. Daddy Cool was my favorite, and Eagle Rock is one of their best songs.

    Ross and I have since become e mail pals, and despite the fact that he still performs, is on Australian television, and is currently polishing a new album for release in 2009, he finds time to respond personally to my e mails, and from what I hear from his other fans, he is just as attentive to their correspondence. He’s both a mega talent superstar, and a real down to earth regular guy.

    I could not be more pleased that Eagle Rock has become your theme. It is my personal theme as well, and anytime I am using a new music playback device, or move to a new place, it is the first song I play. In my humble opinion, it is an international mega hit that somehow slipped through the cracks. Reprise records, Daddy Cool’s US company never took the proper steps to promote the song when it was new, and their Australian label, Sparmac, was still in it’s early days, and never really evolved into anything but a local Melbourne centered label.

    I consider myself something of an expert on all things Daddy Cool related……..in the USA anyway. I have the complete DC body of work, a lot of DC paper collectibles, and know a lot of DC trivia. If I can be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    And if your wine project gives the Eagle Rock enough of a spotlight to capture the attention of the American public, and generate enthusiasm anywhere near the place Eagle Rock occupies in Australian culture, the intrinsic quality of the song may well propel it to the top of the charts, and likewise, bring attention to your fine cause.

    Eagle Rock was recently declared the second most significant song of Australian origin of the rock and roll era, and when released in 1971, topped the Australian charts for four weeks. In Australia, it occupies a place equal to, say, Hey Jude or Stairway to Heaven, maybe even higher.

    Good luck, and if I can help, my e mail address is:



    Mark Meyer

  2. October 28, 2008 at 1:34 am

    Mark – Rock on!

    Thank-you for taking the time to respond to our blog post about Eagle Rock and Ross Wilson. Eagle Rock, like a fine wine it seems, just gets getting better and better with age.

    We hope to contribute to helping this song and band achieve the recognition they deserve amongst rock and roll starved and wine thirsty bird enthusiasts. Cheers. NP

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