Burning Hawk Visits With The Madrone Audubon Society

On Monday, October 20th we were invited to present Burning Hawk Wines to the Madrone Audubon Society, Sonoma County’s Chapter of the National Audubon Society. Approximately 100 Madrone Audubon members were in attendance and in good spirits at the First United Methodist Church. Prior to our presentation, Madrone members stood up to provide updates on local events as well as bird and fresh pastry sightings! Species recently sighted in Sonoma County have included the Bald Eagle, Pileated Woodpecker, Townsends Warblers and the Golden Sticky Bun:). 

One member alerted the organization to an amazing avian phenomenon taking place right now in Tracy, CA- The Tree Swallow Pre-Migratory Roost . This is evidently an out-of-this-world avian opportunity to get yourself over to a corn field in Tracy and witness over 1 million Tree Swallows in their pre-migrational splendor!!!  Here is one birder’s report on this amazing winged spectacle.

We were also treated to a fascinating powerpont presentation on Owens Lake by Auduboner Mike Prather from the Eastern Sierra Audubon Society.

Before signing off on this entry I want to thank Madrone’s President, Janeann Erickson who invited us to speak about Burning Hawk Wines. She has offered advice and perspective since the early days of our project. Like other supporters she spent a great deal of time on the phone listening patiently to our questions, giving us tips, putting us in touch with people and helping us learn about the issues. Janeann and other leaders like her have been instrumental in helping this project take flight.


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