Missoula Raptor Research Conference

As mentioned in a previous post we were invited to participate in the 2008 Raptor Research Foundation Conference in Missoula, Montana in late September.  During this conference we had the good fortune to dramatically boost our understanding of key issues from the many researchers, scientists and teachers visiting from all corners of the globe.

In addition, through silent auction of Burning Hawk Wines, the RRF was able to raise over $500. We were happy to know that our project is starting to gather momentum in terms of helping raise awareness and funds for the organizations who are working to conserve birdlife around the globe.

The funds will be used to help the RRF to achieve their primary goals which are accumulation and dissemination of scientific information about raptors to inform the public about the role of raptors in nature, and to promote the conservation of raptors whose populations are threatened by human activities. One of the key issues that RRF researchers and members are working on is the problem of Raptor electrocution and collission around the world.

We want to thank the conference team and participants for their encouragement and hospitality while we were in Missoula. In particular we extend our gratititude to Kate Davis, conference organizer and RRF’s President Leonard “Lenny” Young.


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