This Hawk Can Blog!

Well, it’s been three weeks since Burning Hawk Wines launched and it’s time for the Blogging Hawk to give you an update! In this blog entry as well as future entries I’m going to try to provide you with a bird’s eye view of this project so you can fly along with us on our migration.


The Labor Day holiday has given me a good chance reflect on the last 3 months and the causes we are devoted to.  I remain in awe and extremely appreciative of the dozens of organizations and individuals who’ve rolled up their sleeves to help. Thank-you!!!  And thank you to the pioneering customers and partners who followed through with their purchase of Burning Hawk Wines. Your support IS THE PRIMARY reason that we have been so successful to-date.


First and foremost this project is about addressing critical wildlife issues so we’ll start with some of the organizations and groups who we’ve been in touch with and highlight their work. Then we ask for feedback and reviews of the Burning Hawk Wines from those of you pioneering customers who have made purchases. Finally, I’ll highlight our recent Eagle Optics partnership, two upcoming events and list the locations where you can purchase Burning Hawk Wines.


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